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Peer Pressure

Few things strike more fear in the hearts of parents and teens alike, than the possibility of peer pressure.

Teens face severe pressure to act in certain ways, to talk in certain ways, to dress in certain ways, to join certain groups, and to try certain things, and any deviation from what is considered the “normal” or popular thing to do can result in ridicule and rejection.

Srijeet, a sixteen-year-old of junior college put it this way; “My friends want to do things that I know are not right, and it’s hard not to go along. I guess this means my friends aren’t good for me, but knowing that doesn’t make it easier. No one likes to be the odd-man-out.”

Jagruti, a vivacious fourteen-year-old chimed in, “I know it’s stupid, but I end up doing things I’d never do by myself. I get caught up in the excitement and just don’t think.”

And fourteen-year-old Jisha says, peer pressure caused her to do “things I’d never do by myself.”

For peer pressure promises acceptance and approval to young people, but it is an empty promise.

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