Recovery Is Possible!

young people can recover from adverse mental health to lead full, satisfying lives

Bijoyful believes in recovery. It is focused on enabling young people to improveĀ  their lives in all areas rather than just maintaining an adequate existence. Our mission is to empower young adults with adverse mental health and their families to enjoy more access to mental health care by creating a network of psychosocial support, and rehabilitation to

1. achieve a better quality of life,

2. fulfil their ambitions for recovery,

3. be treated with dignity as valued members of society.

Our Services


This program emphasizes on hope and empowerment. It is intended for anyone recovering from extreme mood swings, depressive symptoms or psychosis. It provides them with confidence and skills required to face the world.

Care Connections

A safe and welcoming online/offline platform that ensures no one is ever alone with their struggles and is committed to provide non-judgemental support, mutual support, advice and effective way of assistance to various concern like relationships, work and life,

Helping Profession

This mental health training program is aimed at acquiring knowledge about psychology, mental health conditions, sources of help, developing helping skills to serve young people in your community.

Financial Support

Financial assistance for marginalised youth who are currently under psychiatric or other forms treatments. After assessing their economic background, doctor prescription and medical bills, board will approve.