A Guide to Help troubled Youth

This series is for everyone who has a young person to care for with resource that will help them address crises of today’s youth.

I received an email from a father who had heard me speak, He said he and his wife had always done their best to be good parents. They were part of good community and had always been proud of their children. But he told me that had just discovered something about their oldest daughter, something that brought their world crashing down around them. He described his daughter as a pretty girl, but he said she’d never been real popular with boys. Until recently.

She started dating one of the boys on the college band, and this father had just learned -very early in the relationship she had sex with him. She went from that band member to another. Before long, she had slept with the whole band! This tortured parent wrote me, “Bijo, they were passing my little girl around as some sort of ‘band girl’!”

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard similar stories, firsthand, that would melt even the hardest hearts. Parents, grandparents, teachers, friends and youth leaders confide their frustrations, fears and their intense and urgent longings for help with the complex, critical issues youth face today.

That’s the reason for Help & Hope for YOUth series.

Our humble effort through these articles is to provide any caring adults who wants to work with youth a collection of resources that will help them prevent and address crises so many of today’s youth face at one time or another.

Who should subscribe for this series?

It is most useful to those concerned adults who feel ill-equipped, who feel they are in over their heads, who long for a resource to help them help the kids who come to them. it is offered as a first line of defense for adults who hope to prevent or address the tragedies that too often afflict our youth.

What is covered in this series?

Each of the articles that follow focuses on topics and issues in the categories of Emotional, Relational, Family, Sexual, Abuse, Disorder, Addictions and Educational faced by youth, and is intended to offer strong working knowledge of the issues and appropriate short and long- term responses to each.

How to use this series?

Each issue is organized to lead you through the helping process in four steps for effective analysis and results.

1. Identity the problem

2. Discover the issue

3. Determine the effects

4. Suggest a right response

Do Subscribe and help us spread the word in your connections, so that these resources will reach everyone who has a young person to care for.

Bijo Joseph is the Founder of Bijoyful Foundation, a faith-based NGO (reg, 357152/Sec. 8 Co.) that aims to deliver positive changes in the lives of young people troubled with adverse mental health, addiction or other life challenges through range of strength-based, recovery and livelihood programs and peer support offered by counsellors, coaches, social workers and volunteers.