Our Strengths-based Approach

In today's world many people focus almost entirely on what's wrong with them - their problems, their struggles, their stressors - and often lose sight of what is good and strong in them. Bijoyful is a way for you to take a strengths-based approach in life, and will help you shift your focus from what's wrong to what's strong.

  • Is honest (acknowledges problems, but doesn't get lost in them)
  • Is positive (focuses on what is best and good)
  • Is empowering (encourages and advances the individual)
  • Is energizing (uplifts and fuels the person)
  • Is connecting (brings the person closer to others, aiding in mutual connection)

Our Vision

Animate young minds to unleash their true potential by connecting deeply to their unique strengths and of others, appreciate its power and potential and intentionally apply them to fulfill their life goals, demands of role and deliver consistent results.

Our Values

We have a single, simple purpose – to be a faithful friend.

This is at the core of our ambition to build coaching and training relationships of friendship – the mutual bond of trust, respect, affection, esteem and joy in each others company and success.

We want to be loyal, unconditional and wholly directed to the good of clients, partners and communities.

Through integrity, commitment, passion, teamwork, creativity and a focus on being a faithful friend, we have created a vibrant coaching and training culture where ideas can blossom, clients can thrive and success can flourish.

Meet The Team

As a team of experienced Strengths Coaches, our sincere effort is to be a faithful friend to you in your journey to use your unique strengths to boost feeling of competence, achieve life goals and unleash your true potentials.

Bijo Joseph

Friend & Strengths Coach

Bijo a versatile management professional with 15 years of experience in Senior Management roles with consumer goods, retail, health care and wellness and now a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach;

As an accomplished Marketer, Bijo has successfully led chain of diabetes clinics for Apollo Hospital, launched international hair care brand in India for Henkel Beauty Care and contributed in building brand and business for Future Group and Kaya Clinics.

Bijo is a staunch believer of lifelong learning. In this pursuit, He is a Certified Strengths Coach - Gallup, Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming - European Community, MPhil Management, MBA, APMP - Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta and currently pursuing ICF Certification and PG Diploma in Counselling - Tata Institute for Social Science, Mumbai.

Today, Bijo is pursuing his passion for Strengths-based development of High Potential Executives and Young Leaders to create a leadership pipeline for succession planning and leadership development. I believe a leader’s unique strengths are the source of his true potential. I help them unleash it through our coaching interventions that enables them connect deeply to their unique strengths and of others in their team and appreciate its power and potential. As an outcome they are able to intentionally applying these strengths to fulfil their daily goals, demands of leadership role and deliver business outcomes.

Santosh Baliga

 Friend & Career Coach

Santosh, a Legal professional turned Career Coach from University of Mumbai; has 16 years of experience in Private Sector and in Senior Management roles.

Santosh is an accomplished Process Trainer and Project Manager with organisations like ICICI, HDFC and Future Group.

He has done his LLB, DISM (IT), Bcom and has hand-on experience in coaching professional course like Law, CA, CS, CMA and MBA.

We Help You Develop Your Strengths

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