Hi, We’re Bijoyful

A fellowship of people who had a personal experience of depression, or anxiety themselves. This social enterprise aims to bridge the gap for information, understanding and long-term support both for individuals who has a diagnosis of depression as well as their family members.

The three pillars for Bijoyful’s work are ongoing support, psychoeducation and information. Our mission is to make long-term support possible and accessible to everyone suffering from depression regardless of their ethnicity, nationality, gender, race, religion and age.

Our range of services include depression community/self-care group/mail offering support and information, telepsychiatry services offering psychoeducation, self and medication management and a number of programmes based on principles of Adlerian theory.

This organisation of the people, by the people and for people affected by depression.

Our Founders

Bijo Joseph

I am so fascinated by individual’s identity (who you are), destiny (your purpose/ calling) and infinite ability to contribute to others by going beyond self. Early on, I fell in love with the idea of community-led support, where people affected by depression and related issues thrive in the company of each other for they are understood, supported, free of stigma and encouraged to seek treatment and therapy.

Sebin Parackel

I have been teaching psychiatry for past eight and a half years and I’m still learning every day. I am fascinated by telepsychiatry and it potential to make long-term support convenient, affordable and readily-accessible to underserved people and communities affected by depression. This offers sustainable ways to access mental health speciality care.


Depression Support Services

Support, Psychoeducation and Telepsychiatry

Phone-in or Zoom