Support Mail

The Bijoyful Support Mail service is available to anyone, aged 18 years and over, who is seeking support and information about issues relating to their own mood or the mood of a friend or family member, or who experiences depression or other mental health issues. This is an encrypted email service to ensure the privacy and anonymity of our users.

It is available to you, if you are feeling anxiety or worry in relation to the current Covid-19 outbreak and would like to know what supports and services are available to you.

If you are under 18 years of age, please contact childline for support.

Response within 24 hours

When you email the Bioyful Support Mail service, your name and email address will be visible to the counsellor. Your emails are confidential within normal limits.

Support Mail counsellors receive initial and ongoing training from Bijoyful, and will help you to identify helpful options and actions available to you at the time of your mail. They may also suggest appropriate alternative services within Bijoyful and externally. They are trained counsellors but will not give you medical advice.

Depression Support Services

Zoom Peer Support Group

All Weekdays (Mon-Fri, 5-6.30 pm)