Is JOY the new marker of business success?

As humanization of the brand, workplace, and technology is taking center stage in 2017, business leaders who want to capitalize on this trend need to zero down on an aspect of their brand’s human side that they would showcase to their customers. In past, we have seen businesses using pride, pleasure, resilience etc as a marker to humanize their brands.

An example of Pride: HDFC Life has been successful in humanizing their brand by infusing ‘Dignity’ & ‘Self Respect’ in their customers with ‘Sar Utha Ke Jiyo’ campaign and employees through series of training and organizational development programs. Today even after 11 years, it is a consistent brand thought and has become an integral part of their organizational culture.

In this article, I propose ‘Joy’ as the new marker to humanize your brand and deliver business success especially for consumer facing service industries like Healthcare, Hospitality, and Retail.

Why Joy?

Like many of us, I stereotyped Joy as some spiritual thing which is not rational, practical and has no measurable outcome. But to my surprise, a decade of research by Harvard Business Review study proves happiness raises nearly every business outcome: raising sales by 37%, productivity by 31%, and accuracy on tasks by 19%, as well as a myriad of health and quality of life improvements. This demonstrates that Joy at the workplace can be used to humanize employees and technology to deliver business success.

This led me to a deeper study of what Joy is and I understood that Joy, Happiness, and Pleasure are not the same and cannot be used interchangeably.  I learned that Joy is more than happiness, just as happiness is more than pleasure. Pleasure is in the body. Happiness is in the mind and feelings. Joy is deep in the heart. If every encounter of customers with the brand can deliver joy, a relationship would evolve and promises kept will builds Trust which over time will deliver business success.

Example: ‘Paper Boat’ a brand of traditional Indian juices has been delivering little joys in every gulp of aam panna, jaljeera or aam ras through storytelling and nostalgia that evokes joyful childhood memories. This ability to deliver joy and keep the promise of good memories consistently over every customer encounter has made Paper Boat a fast growing beverage brand in India.

Thus Joy is a sustainable state that fuels brands creativity and inspiration for innovation. It strengthens businesses ability to attract customers and to get along with its workforce. Learning to cultivate joy is the fundamental secret to business success.

In my next article, I will be sharing practical tips on how we can use Joy to humanize the brand and rewrite your business success. Stay tuned.

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