Recovery Is Possible!

people can recover from mental health problems to lead full, satisfying lives

Bijoyful Foundation believes in recovery. It is focused on enabling people to improve  their lives in all areas rather than just maintaining an adequate existence. Our mission is to empower people with mental health problems and their families to enjoy more access to mental health care by creating a network of psychosocial support, and rehabilitation to

1. achieve a better quality of life,

2. fulfil their ambitions for recovery,

3. be treated with dignity as valued members of society.

Our Services


Offers support, practical help, and the opportunity to share experiences, make new friends and  campaign on mental health issues. Membership holds the networks together  and gives participants a voice in how we move forward.


Offers one to one sessions with counsellor who will facilitate client prepare a step by step individualised plan based on modern principles of self-management and empowerment, a methodical way to improve all areas of life.


We teach emotional, cognitive, and social skills that help those with mental health problems to live and work in their communities as independently as possible.


We provide screening through mental status examination, medicine compliance & follow-up, psychoeducation & support for clients, caregiver & their family.