Discover and fulfil your dreams using your strengths

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You are born genius, with unique strengths - things you like doing and naturally good at. Through our unique strengths-based coaching and workshop, we help you live your strengths and fulfil your dreams.

Embark upon an exciting expedition deep within yourself as you discover the unique strengths that make you achieve your dreams.

What will you experience in strengths journey

The Science Behind The Strengths Journey!
Develop a thriving you for tomorrow.

At the core of ‘My Strengths Journey’ is Don Clifton’s (Father of Strengths Psychology) strengths based approach to development that powers you to peak your performance every day. The Clifton Strengths assessment with an ongoing coaching sessions in an ecosystem of Strengths Community of strengths experts is used for empowering you to set & achieve your goals and accomplish your dreams. Either as a young individual aiming for improvement or a parent or educator keen to empower your children or students to perform better, your efforts begin with joining My Strengths Journey .

As a team of experienced Strengths Coaches and support staff, our sincere effort is to be a faithful friend to you in your strengths journey to use your unique strengths to boost feeling of competence, achieve life goals and unleash your true potentials.

Bijo Joseph

Founder and Certified Strengths Coach

Vishal Amberkar

Chief Marketing Office

Santosh Baliga

Chief Financial Officer

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Who We Are?

A faithful friend to youths, our ambition is to help them embrace their uniqueness and master their strengths using Strengths-based Development. Our mission is to get 10 million young people to discover and fulfil their dreams using their strengths by the year 2030.